Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snakes on a plane ??????.......I mean Henhouse

Rattle snake ready to strike next to my broody hens
You can see how large he is
Wow today is Easter and we had quite a surprise, a huge rattler curled up next to my 2 broody Silver Laced Wyandotte hens. The one pic is upside down because my son was standing above it when he took it. It shows you how darn big the snake was. What saved my hens was that they did not see it curled up next to them. I have a 17 year son who is not afraid of rattlers. He wants to be a Navy Seal when he gets older. He shot the snake in the head with his high powered pellet gun. I am very grateful to have my son around and especially at times like this. This is the 4th large rattler we have killed this year. I attribute their heavy presence to the drought and because we have water out for the chickens and of course where there's chickens there's mice. Rattlers love mice. I have a healthy respect for rattlers.