Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wood Pallet Shed

Finished shed for under $500.00

Are you are in need of a good shed and don't want to spend a lot of money? We all are. Do you see pallets all over the place at businesses just laying around? 
Well the idea of building a tool shed out of wood pallets is no longer a dream it is possible with these plans.  
 You can use pallets that would have been headed for the dump, so this is also a recycling project.
Your first task is to find suitable wood pallets.  Pallets come in all sizes.  If you search around you will find places where the pallets will happen to be in nearly new condition! Be sure to use the 42" X 42" square pallets so there wont be a need to modify them.  The less cutting you have to do to the pallets, the better, because they are made of extremely hard wood. Ideally 36" square pallets should be used, but I didn't know where a good source for that size was available.
To make one wall, bolt 3 pallets together, end to end (42" X 126" inch wall, about 10½ feet). For the rest of the details please click here.

Its actually very simple
Almost done with the frame

In summary, this 10 ft X 10 ft shed made from recycled wood pallets turns out very well.  Stronger than you can imagine, less complicated to make, and saves alot of money over the conventional building method or store bought sheds.  Since there is no plastic in the construction, it should last many years.  Total cost is under $500.
You can also add a smaller storage shed off the side of the main shed using 4 pallets and a 2X4 frame, fold-up roof attached with 4 hinges.

Smaller storage shed attached to the side


  1. Oh, gosh, this is a great idea! My neighbor recycles pallets into furniture.. and made me a small coop for my growing chicks. I wonder if she could take this on, I bet she could and I have some money saved to have her do it! What a good idea, and it looks good, too!

    1. yes I agree, I am currently looking for pallets to make my own.