Sunday, October 3, 2010

Build Your Own Clothesline

What's a great way to reduce your energy usage, and at the same time enjoy some fresh air? Don't let me forget to mention that you will save over $150 annually on your electric bill? Why its building your own clothes line. Really, there is really nothing better than clothes that have been dried naturally in the outdoors… the sweet smell of the breeze and the sun. It’s amazing how the sun naturally bleaches stains out. Building an outdoor clothes line is inexpensive and will only take you a couple of hours…For approximately $30 at your local Lowes or Home Depot… you can get everything you need to build your own outdoor clothes line.

Material List:

(2) treated 4 X 4 Posts – 8ft
(1) treated 2 x 4 – 8ft
(10) Wood screws

(8) #6 Eye Bolts

Clothes line (nylon or plastic), 100ft
(2) 80 lb. Bags of Quikrete
Paint (this is optional)


Drill / Cordless Scewdriver

Saw (hand or circular)

Measuring tape


Shovel or post hole digger

1. Dig 2, 24in deep holes about 10 – 12 feet apart.

2. Cut 4 x 4’s down to 7 feet (less if you want your clothes line lower).

3. Cut 2 x 4 in half.

4. Attach 2 x 4 across the top of the 4 x 4 posts with wood screws.
5. Pre-drill holes for eye bolts across 2 x 4 and screw in 4 bolts per side.

6. Mix quikcrete following directions on the bag.

7. Using a level place posts in ground and make plumb, and then fill the hole with  the quikrete.

8. Tamp down around base of posts.
9. Hang line across and tie with 2 – 3 half-hitch knots per. Make lines about 95% taught.
10. You can choose to paint if you like.

That’s it. For $30 and a couple of hours in the back yard you can build your outdoor clothes line dryer, reduce your household energy consumption, save over $150 annually and get fresh smelling clothes.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t like the stiff feeling of your clothes after being line dried? Try doubling up your towels when you hang them out. Washcloths can be dried in sets of three. Slower drying fabric equals softer fabric.

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