Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Garden Update - Peas in a Pod

   My fall garden is coming along just great. I have to chase a few marauding hens out every now and then. Don't get me wrong hens and gardens go together like "Peas in a Pod." Except when there are seedlings and then I have to watch them like they are hawks. The girls are lucky that I watch out for them..and the hawks too. It is hawk migration season here in Texas  and hawks have been hanging around all of a sudden in droves, its scary for the young pullets. They can get snatched off the ground in a split second, which I witnessed the other day. Fall hawk migration dates are August 15th through November 15th.

As I said they are quite persistent little gals. I have one hen in particular who is kind of a pest, because she flies over the fence every morning. She could wipe out all my fruits of labor in a few short minutes. I discovered that she targets my garden to go lay her daily golden egg in the compost bin. Well I have moved the compost bin outside next to the side of the house. She will have easier access to it now. You could say that chickens are easy to outsmart. Unless she figures out where the peas are at. And a hen eating my pea sprouts will definitely get me started.

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