Thursday, August 26, 2010

Water, water everywhere and lots of it to drink

Everyday I wake up at 6 am and send my teenage son to school and at 7 am, Cody my dog buddy and I go outside to feed and water the flock. Seven is a great time because there is enough light for the nighttime predators to take cover for the day. I have observed feral cats, coyotes, stray dogs, and owls. They are usually gone by seven in the morning. It is then safe to let my free rangers out to eat greens and chase grasshoppers out in the fields. Apart from their main nutrient requirements, poultry also need access to clean, fresh water and plenty of it. Water should always be available and should be cool and clean. Each chicken needs a half a liter of fresh water daily. If deprived of water they will stop 'laying'. When the weather is hot I place waterers where they will stay cool. All my coops have back up waterers for these extreme weather temps.

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