Friday, March 25, 2011

Narcissus the Guinea Fowl

This is the funniest story I have written in awhile. It seems that my guinea fowl have discovered their reflections in my Smart Car. These 2 guineas spent the whole day attacking my car. They have literally become obsessed with themselves. My car has little scratches where they have been spurring the guinea guy that they keep seeing. I ran them off several times but they come back immediately and resumed their chaotic frenzy. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on what to do? If so please e-mail me at


  1. love ur site ruth! do you have Facebook? i'm buster's chickens on FB. friend me!

  2. try putting up a mirror in the location where you want them to stay. i mounted one on the outside of the guinea house and they love hanging out near it all day. hasn't completely eliminated the problem, but helped.
    now... how do i keep mine out of the carport and off my jaguar?