Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its raining cats and dogs, oh! and chickens......

Yesterday we had quite a downpour and it came out of nowhere. One minute I was outside putting fresh straw in the young pullets barn and bingo.... rain. Luckily I had just finished so it was actually perfect timing because these younger chicks needed the straw to keep them warm and dry. As the rain came pounding down I fled to the house and when I got inside it dawned on me there were chickens way out in the field free-ranging and where would they go to stay dry? Under a tree? A tree wouldn't suffice in this heavy downpour. I glanced out a window and to my surprise they went right out in the rain and were getting wet on their own free will, and seemed to enjoy it. I still was not satisfied that they were o.k and did some more investigating. I put on my raincoat and walked outside to the pens where the other chickens were and they were also out in the rain. They had dry houses in which to seek shelter in and chose to be water logged. Well I thought to myself that proves that!. they just like the rain. The  hens were actually digging in the mud for worms. The rain brings all the dirt bugs to the surface. I can't say I blame them because in a chickens world worms are steak. I finally went inside with a peace knowing they were doing what chickens do.

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