Friday, September 3, 2010

Rain Rain, Come and Stay, come and stay another day!...

Its been very hot this summer with high 90's and even some 100's. Most people love the sun but I'm not so welling to accept it all the time all day long, like I have a choice in the matter.  Its just been too sunny, so when it rained yesterday evening and during the night, I felt joy.  Rain is so beautiful. It is mysterious and just dark enough to evoke feelings, thoughts, and memories.  I have always loved the rain and felt a certain fondness for it. Rather it comes down hard and fast, or light and in a sprinkle, and it is always welcome by me. Rain disturbs just a bit either putting things off balance or into perspective, it depends on how much rain. The plants really desire nitrogen and that's where the rain water comes in. . I see their growth spurts and cannot wait for the next time it rains. I am currently building a rain collection barrel that will catch water off my roof. I will keep you all informed of its progress. The link above is the design that I am using.

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