Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Save them egg shells

It sure is great to have fresh eggs, every day for breakfast, rather they be scrambled, fried or boiled. Nothing beats a freshly gathered egg breakfast with whole grain toast and those home fried potatoes. So I asked myself what else could I do with egg shells besides throwing them in my trash or compost...hmm... why not feed them back to my girls? So I did just that I saved the shells, and smashed them on the ground and watched them disappear. My hens come running when I bring them smashed egg shells. Egg shells are a fantastic provider of calcium which is exactly what your laying girls need. If you discover that their shells are becoming soft or not as hearty, crushed oyster shell can also be added to their diet. I always have a 5 pound bag of oyster on hand that I mix into my bin of scratch grains that I feed to my hens as treats. They eat scratch like its candy.

Tip: For you chicken lovers that hatch your own eggs....next time you candle eggs save all the blanks and boil them for the girls. they will thank you by laying more nice eggs the next day. I also give a few to my doggies and my parrots.

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